5 Exercises to Eliminate Underarm Fat


exercising to get rid of underarm fat

Underarm fat normally accumulates around the underarm next to the armpits. Taming this excess fat proves to be difficult for most people. Adopting a strict diet cannot help get rid of this excess fat thus one need to engage in a number of exercises that help tone the muscles in that region of the arm. The following are some of the exercises you should try out in order to get rid of the dreaded underarm fat.

Pushups are the simplest to engage in. They serve the purpose of strengthening the chest region and the area around arm. The body should be in a plank position then one should lift their body in an up and down manner while bending the elbows. The repetition should be divided in a number of sets each of 10-20 pushups. This exercise should be carried out four times a week and after some time the underarm fat becomes solid muscle.

Dumbbell presses are also effective in burning underarm fat. This is done by lying down while holding a dumbbell. The challenge is to straighten the arms from a bended elbow. Three sets of ten repetitions of each arm should be enough.

Pull-ups are one of the best exercises to carry out since it rapidly burns fat due to its intensity. One requires a solid bar that enables them to carry their weight up and down. They purposely target the biceps and shoulders.

Side lifts are also intense. The arms should be by your side then one should lift the dumbbells upwards until the arms are at par with the shoulders. One should carry out a couple of sets each of ten repetitions.

Overhead lifts help tone the muscle in the underarms while burning fat in that region. One should lie down while lifting two weights by bending the elbows near the side of the head. This should be carried out slowly since it’s a strength exercise and can cause some pain.

In conclusion, the above exercise are easy to undertake and can go a long way in getting rid of underarm fat. For more info on how to get rid of underarm fat, check out our site lessunderarmfat.com.



How To Get Rid of Lower Back Fat


As anyone who has tried to lose lower back fat will tell you, it can be quite a difficult thing to do. This is because it is difficult just targeting the lower back fat for removal. Also, people do not know the specific exercises that need to be performed in order to get rid of this fat. In this post, we tell you the three specific exercises that will help you to get rid of the lower back fat in just a matter of weeks.

1). Cardio training

Man swimming to lose fatBest results are seen by exercising for a minimum of 30 minutes per session, and this should be for 3 or 4 days per week. Cardio activities are very effective in ridding the body of back fat. By performing the following exercises, you will not only burn calories but also strengthen back muscles. They include:

• Boxing
• Rowing and
• Swimming

2). Interval training

Sprint to get rid of fatThis method burns fat a lot faster, and the good thing with it is that it not only gets rid of the lower back fat, but also dispenses with the fat in all other parts of your body. In spite of the cardio exercise that you choose, you need to do it in intervals.


• Run briskly for some minutes, engage yourself in a comfortable run for 5 minutes and finally speed up things for 2 more minutes. To burn calories a lot faster, continue your whole routine this way.
• Perform High Intensity Interval Training. This type of training raises your metabolism, improves your cardiovascular health and works quite well for both the healthy and not-so-healthy guys.

3). Weight training

Begin with weights that are comfortable to you. This means that you should not strain too much while lifting them. But if you realize that you are able to lift the dumbbells without any strain at all, you are simply wasting your time because you are not working your muscles.

Depending on the quantity of love handle and lower back fat that you have, you may fail to attain your fat loss goals in a short period of time. However, with these exercises to get rid of lower back fat, you will have made great strides in that period of time and see some tangible results. With consistent training, you should lose 1-2 lbs of fat every week.

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