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Archie Ward

How Testosterone Boosters Help Men Lose Weight

Testosterone supplements are probably the magic to losing weight according to the findings of a research conducted on obesity at European congress. In this study, 115 men aged between 40 and 50 years suffering from obesity were subjected to testosterone shots for every twelve weeks. Interestingly enough, testosterone boosters assisted these men to lose an average of 40pounds. According to Dr. Farid who carried out the study, the men had a deficiency of testosterone hormone and the associated problems of sustaining an erection, lack of energy and general fatigue. After critical analysis, all had lost significant weight in every year for the entire period of study of five years. See more testosterone related studies.

testosterone and weight loss

If you are wondering how testosterone boosters will help you lose weight, here are the notable ways in which testosterone injections resulted in weight loss; High testosterone levels is linked to high growth of muscles and shedding off excessive fats. Boosting testosterone levels stimulates growth of muscles restoring energy levels that makes you physically active. This behavior change was scientifically proven in this study. It can reliably be said that the higher your testosterone levels are, the more muscles you make and the leaner you become.

Further, variations of testosterone levels have significant impacts on the percentage of your body fats. The study also found that the subjects who had high testosterone levels were lean compared to their fat counterparts who had low testosterone levels. Decrease in testosterone from an average of 700ng/dl to about 400ng/dl resulted to dramatic increase in fats of approximately 35%. Testosterone has effect of directly inhibiting the building of fat cells while low levels of testosterone contributes greatly to obesity disorder.

As you grow older for instance above the age of 40 years, your levels of testosterone tend to decrease and this is the contributing factor of obesity. There is a positive correlation between testosterone levels in your body and obesity. The relationship is a vicious cycle of some kind. A number of researchers have proven without doubt that obesity, particularly the abdominal one is highly associated with low levels of testosterone in men and reduced muscles as well.

In addition, testosterone has numerous benefits apart from losing weight. It is a solution to your healthy sex life, it affects rate of metabolism that is key to fats breakdown and overall health. It is a fact that boosting testosterone levels if they are below average will reduce risk of several health troubles.Try it today and you will not regret.

If you are interested in check out these reviews of testosterone supplements to find the best one for your needs.


5 Weight Loss Tips To Keep You Looking Good

In the past, people have had problems with their weight due to lack of tips that they should know whenever they are improving their health through weight loss. The following are the 5 weight loss tips to keep you looking good:weight loss

1. Don’t skip breakfast

Research has shown that eating breakfast can help you lose more weight. You should understand that skipping breakfast could make you eat more food that may lead to high calories and fats within the body thus leading to an increase in weight. This means that you have to eat breakfast as a way of avoiding weight gain. In addition, you need to ensure that you plan your meals well as a way of avoiding impulsive eating that may lead to you gaining weight. Make a schedule that you should follow according to your meals.

2. Eat regular meals

Some people often think missing meals can assist them lose more weight; however, research has shown that regular eating during the day can help in burning calories. In addition, it also reduce any temptation of eating snack that have high content of fats and sugar. This means that you should do more research on ways of eating if you need to get nutrients that you need if you need the best nutrients. You should never forget your schedule since it would always enable you to eat your meals appropriately thus limiting the cases of overeating.

You need also to eat foods that have high fiber since this will help you improve your health at the same time helping you in losing weight. You should also avoid stock junk food that may increase the level of calories within your body. The junk food that you should avoid include biscuits, chocolate, crisps and even sweet fizzy drinks when you are at home. Instead, you should use healthy snacks, like fruit, oatcakes, unsalted rice cakes, or fruit juice and unsweetened popcorn. This will help you improve your health thus helping you improve your health.

3. Drink plenty of water

People often confuse hunger with thirst. Many often end up consume extra calories from sugary juices when they only need a glass water. You should make that you drink 6 to 8 glasses of water preferably daily as way hydrating yourself. This should help you improve your health while helping you reduce your weight.

4. Cut down on the amount of alcohol you take 

You should limit the amount of wine that you take since it has calories that may make you gain more weight. You need to drink moderate of wine if you need to know what you should do. You should know that drinking too much alcohol might make you increase your weight that may be dangerous to your health.

5. Exercise daily 

Finally and most importantly, you must know the importance of exercising as a way of increasing your health. When you exercise, you will burn the excess calories and fats within your body thus helping you reduce your weight.

In conclusion, these 5 weight loss tips should help you improve your look by reducing on your weight.